With over 30 years experience in healthcare provision and outsourcing we have a number of hygiene solutions and dozens of products for clinical use, spanning hand hygiene, cleaning, infection prevention and evidence based activity.

We combine best practice with world class manufacturing that work seamlessly in your environment. Partnering with you to identify priorities and provide solutions that deliver measurable value - both money and reduced HCAI’s.

One practicable solution would be our new virucidal perfume free hand soap, certified and available in a variety of pack sizes & dispensing options.  It is designed for frequent use and to be kind on skin, breaking the chain of infection.  

IPC practitioners will identify the relationship of good hand hygiene to reduce the burden of cost of occupied bed days.  Importantly It will break the chain of infection and improve outcomes especially for the patient but the health and wellbeing of the clinical team.

Pasture has so much flexibility across a variety of product categories, it would be wonderful to discuss your needs and priorities, providing added value solutions to enable a more sustainable healthcare service.




We can provide bespoke printed hand washing guides and supporting assets:

That are engaging and informative

And a range of dispensers, floor stands including IoT capability

That monitor hygiene standards and provide immediate feedback and improvement loops.

With evidence based activity to focus resources, reduce contamination where its needed

Supporting modern NHS and modern IPC practitioners


To break the chain of infection and reduce HCAI’s

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