For people and our planet

We use these products ourselves daily and have designed them with care, considering people and our planet at every stage.

We invest 5% of our profit to ESG supporting rewilding, community, education and green procurement initiatives.  So far this has supported:

  • 40,000 trees, creating 10 forrest gardens which provide social benefit
  • 1 eco-mooring, protecting sea grass meadows and sea horse habitats

We changed bottles to post consumer recycled (PCR) material and introduced innovative 100% recyclable pouches.  We are always finding small ways to reduce our footprint, whether it’s reusing transport boxes, eliminating waste, hybrid working, electric cars or simply taking the train.

Circular economy and product refills have prevented 2.3 million single use plastic bottles or over 100 tonnes of waste entering landfill – it really makes you think what’s possible with simple product design that comes from the heart.


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