How we compare?

Not all products are the same.  We believe if you are doing something it should be done right, paying attention to the smallest detail.  Effective handwashing prevents the transmission of virus and bacteria and should work in a normal timescale for washing hands.  We wanted a market leading product to do more; it should be suitable for frequent use, smell amazing or have unperfumed options for healthcare and food service, be kind on skin to encourage repeated use and finally, it should be suitable for use in top-up systems.

    Happily we achieved all these objectives - the table shows how our product performs vs. other options available.

    Customers can easily become confused with different test standards and mis-leading marketing.  Despite having the same certification, not all products perform to exacting requirements.  

    In the majority of circumstances other products obtain their certification, being tested for far-longer periods of time (120 seconds) which are unrealistic under normal situations.  Pasture is tested and certified under a normal amount of time used to wash hands (30 seconds).  

    Other products are tested in laboratory ‘clean conditions’ (pétri dish) and can achieve some of the same certifications as Pasture products.  They do not achieve all, as ours are tested under real life conditions (on skin).  

    Pasture has 5 x EN certifications under 30 second test time.

    Our unique anti viral hand wash is formulated differently and is not only suitable for frequent hand washing but kind on skin.  Other products are made from harsh chemicals designed for surface disinfection which are not suitable for repeated use.

    Importantly the product must strike a balance of eliminating virus and bacteria in the shortest possible time, working in real life conditions.

    This prevents the transmission of infection and has real benefit:

    • Reducing the burden of bed days in hospitals 
    • Ensuring hospital resources are effectively used to treat patients
    • Reducing staff absence in workplaces - increasing productivity and profitability for organisations
    • Improving health and wellbeing
    • Safeguarding stakeholders
    Pasture Anti Viral Hand Wash is certified through UKAS Approved Lab Testing, effective against viruses and bacteria: 

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