Professional Systems


Cartridge, Pouch & Top Up Dispensers:

With over 35 years experience of professional skincare solutions, Pasture has developed a one-stop service to guide you through the process of replacing or upgrading existing systems.

Proven results; choose from award winning, fully EN certified products that protect health from harmful pathogens, including virus and bacteria.

Enhance wellbeing; carefully designed products to cleanse and nourish, with beautiful aromas that stimulate the senses.

Laboratory backed; patented formulations, innovative design and ongoing development ensure you have the latest technologies.

  • Protect - anti viral hand washes and hand sanitisers
  • Cleanse - infused hand washes and scrubs
  • Restore - reconditioning hand lotions
  • Energise - body and hair washes 

Products are available in a variety of pouches or cartridges, from 500ml to 1.2Ltr.

These fit into ABS or metal dispensers which are manual or automatic, including IoT enabled technology.

As you would expect this is backed with numerous options providing solutions to meet your exact needs. 

These are readily available, click HERE to get in touch to find out more and receive detailed information.


Product offer:


Over 50 options available 

ABS & stainless steel

Manual / automatic

Cartridge / pouch / top-up

500ml, 750ml, 1.0Ltr, 1.2Ltr

Foam / liquid / gel nozzles

IoT capability built in

Floor stands available


Washes, lotions & sanitisers:

12 x product formulations

Providing effective infection control

5 x EN certifications

Contains moisturisers, kind on skin

Fully recyclable cartons & bottles