IoT & AI

Providing evidence based cleaning and the ability for stakeholders to feedback is of vital importance to improving customer satisfaction.  

Our IoT solution is provides the best option for organisations committed to service excellence, large sites with many remote workers and challenging building environments where occupancy changes during the week.  This provides fast insights to evidence based tasks being undertaken by staff or sub-contractors.  

It simplifies tracking critical or high value assets and helps quickly locate them when needed the most.  

As this is modular, it can include a few or many devices, all connected to a reporting tools that provide insights and effectively help manage your premises and assets.



IoT has been a part of facilities management for the past 30 years.  The Pasture team have used & developed systems since the beginning; from early days during the 90's of digitising building plans and applying environmental analysis to generate bids and workflow procedures, through to 00's creating activity based hardware and software solution to reduce insurance claims in 350+ national retail stores whilst delivering time and attendance of 2,000+ cleaning staff.  

Evolution & our solution:

IoT is quickly developing with many possibilities for both hard and soft services; providing Healthcare and FM managers a valuable insight for large or multi-location estates:

  • Breaking the chain of infection
  • Optimising service
  • Reduce opex by up to 30%
  • Low investment with high ROI
  • Valuable insights to the estate
  • Heat maps with peak activity
  • Make measurable improvements
  • Increase service levels
  • Automatic notification 
  • Footfall monitoring with people counters
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) concentration, air quality, humidity
  • Red / green toilet lights
  • Digital signage to notify stakeholders
  • Creating customer feedback loops
  • Managing risk and issues, escalate events
  • Forecasting demand to alert staff
  • Alert staff if customers are in difficulty
  • Cleaners time and attendance
  • Tracking assets preventing theft
  • Improvement cycles
  • Block chain and chain of custody
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Remote firmware updates OTA 
  • TLS 1.3 data encryption only accessible via SSH key

We offer a modular solution of single or multiple devices using open API and web mesh hardware.  This enables an output specification and lower operational cost with the operations team recording evidence based activity.  We have Smart dispensers with technology already built in; these have bluetooth device set up making connecting devices (nesting) them to the software a simple process.

For the first time facilities, managers have data to provide a unique level of understanding to make informed decisions.  The reporting platform enables the client and FM team to work more closely than ever before, effectively reviewing activity, identifying peak periods, allocating resources and increasing productivity.

The solution integrates the client in a way never previously possible, becoming closer to the performance or providing mechanisms for customer feedback which continually improve satisfaction.

Mobile technology and AI allows tasks to be allocated by environment, time of day, frequency of use, including footfall.  Priorities can be re-assigned with positive confirmation required from the FM team these have been completed.

We see this technology as valuable tool when managing large remote teams; one nice benefit is this enables managers to recognise excellent customer service, identifying those responsible and provides data to support the SMT recognising their dedication and contribution.

The introduction of AI enables devices to identify risks and escalate issues, whilst managing by exception. This powerful analysis focuses resources and allows for better time management and value for money. Dispensers can now for the first time predict when they need service and critically, what time they will be empty if no service or action is taken.

Equipment can be easily deployed, moved and re-deployed.  This flexible and nimble approach works with you as contracts change or end, or you simply implement the technology as an improvement loop as and when required.

We have many scenarios where this technology can be deployed and would love to chat with you about your needs and applications.


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