Many solutions to suit every environment

We consult with clients to find the correct solution from our extensive range.  Where required we agree specific requirements before undertaking product development, testing and approval process.

There really isn't anything we haven't already done, from adapting formulations to suit clients existing systems, designing solutions for international airports or undertaking new product development.  We have even created bespoke products with clients, guiding them through the process to select custom perfume, matching colours to their brand identity and customising bottles and wall holder design.  

We have successfully lowered customers cost through value engineering products, engineering solutions and issues to reduce the cost to serve model and adapting products to meet budget needs. 

Below is a summary of some of our solutions:

Liquid and foaming products - we have 13 formulations from stock which we can fill and dose through all dispensing systems.

Pump bottles - available in 300ml and 1.0Ltr bottles with matching single or double wall holders.  

Refills - 800ml, 2.5Ltr, 5.0Ltr recyclable pouches or bottles

Bottle Wall holders* - 300ml, 1.0Ltr - single or double bottle options, 5.0Ltr refill holders

Counter top holders*300ml, 1.0Ltr - single or double bottle options

High capacity solutions* - liquid and foaming options, multifeed systems.  Hermetically sealed 4.5Ltr pouches, 5.0Ltr bottles, 10.0 - 25.0Ltr multifeed tanks.

* custom colour options available

ABS dispensers - automatic or manual dispensers for liquid or foaming products.  Refillable or pouch solutions.  Semi-permanent or disposable nozzles with testing up to 200,000 doses.  Client identity can be printed onto the dispensers.

Floor stands - simple to deploy and easy to relocate as needed.

IOT systems - various systems which connect to a monitoring dashboard. 

Cost in use benefit - 0.5ml-2.0ml pumps available to manage dose and cost in use.

Free on loan - ABS dispensers are available to organisations with a zero cost of change though our dispenser loan agreement programme.

The consultation process is tailored to you objectives with project management included.



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