Award winning products to care for your hands

Mike Frost

 Hello from the boat yard.

We wanted to shout from the top of our building just how pleased we are to receive a prestigious award for our hand lotions.  But please don't take our word for it, we really enjoy receiving comments from customers. 

"The best hand cream I've ever used" - Emma

To be fair, we totally agree - these are products we use ourselves daily. 

We are constantly washing and sanitising hands, while warm dry buildings add to the effects, compromising the skin moisture balance.  

Our hand lotions are blended with extracts of noni-fruit to create a light-whipped non-greasy cream which absorbs quickly and locks in moisture.  The perfume gently warms on the skin to give a lasting aroma.

Harbour Mist

We were asked by a very special customer to make a unique collection, including a hand lotion.  We guided them to select the right perfume, colour matching the product to their globally recognised asset.  
This product contains Wood Sage and Sea Salt perfume to give you the sense of our coastal location and experience our everyday. Screen print bottles with gorgeous matt finishes match our beautiful collection of vapour-blasted wall and counter top holders.


Indian Mulberry

Our approach was simple, to make the best product possible and put it in the hands of knowledgeable people.  

Indian Mulberry is derived from Noni-Fruit extracts, known as an ancient medicine from the Pacific Isles, locking in moisture for long term protection.  We infuse this with Narangi perfume, providing subtle notes of refreshing orange zest to calm the mind.

We know there are many fans from all over the world for these products. We are often told 'wow, that's lovely', and asked 'what is it and where do I get it?'

We hope you continue to stay safe and have a fabulous day.

Mike & Ian




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