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Mike Frost


We are so pleased to inform you how this product keeps getting better.

Following rigorous testing this product holds 5 x EN certifications, eliminating a variety of pathogens and breaking the chain of infection.  

It is suitable for everyone in every environment - we use it ourselves daily, along with millions of people passing through customer locations.

In a clinical setting it will maintain a sterile environment for surgeons, protect medical practitioners, patients and visitors and is designed for frequent use and kind on skin with its patented technology.

The formulation is also vegan friendly and designed for all skin types.  Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself.


Patent pending

We wanted to describe the ground breaking technology behind our approach.  This is very different from traditional handwashes, effectively eliminating viruses and bacteria. 

Traditional soap and water removes dirt but is unable to kill pathogens in the timeframes used for hand washing. Surgical scrubs are effective against bacteria but considered too harsh on skin to encourage the frequent hand washing necessary to break the chain of infection.

Pasture Naturals Anti Viral Handwash is the first to combine the antiviral properties of naturally occuring lactic acid with targeted moisturisers, perfect for frequent use.


Testing & approval
Importantly, the product was tested in a number of ways against a number of standards to give the assurance needed.

Certified to the following test methods, incorporating both suspension and in-use test protocols:

UKAS Approved Lab Testing, effective against viruses and bacteria: 







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