News from the Yard

Hello from Mike and Ian at the Boatyard.

We hope you are keeping safe and well during these uncertain times.  This is our first post and wanted to keep you updated and share our news.

Since Pasture was founded in 2006 we have stayed true to our original concept, to make the best products and put them in the hands of knowledgeable people.

It's fair to say 2020 has been a first but today our thoughts are for Remembrance Day and our armed forces who keep us all safe.

During the spring and summer it was wonderful to spend more time with our families, working from the kitchen table and catching up on the long list of jobs around the house and garden.  

The team worked tirelessly since February to maintain supply, ensuring our frontline services received product when it mattered.  

We distributed free product to our local communities and helped those in need.  It is humbling to be able to do our bit to help and this makes us whole.  It's simple and we always say, "It's nice to be nice".

We look forward to crisp winter days, filled with sunshine, and time with friends at the Boatyard.  Here is a picture from the office to brighten your day and wish you safe and happy days ahead.

All the best from the Yard

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