NHS Procurement for Health

Mike Frost

This important event gave us the opportunity to meet delegates & VIP’s from the NHS Trusts to discuss their priorities and understand how Pasture can adapt to support.

We are all mindful of the burden of bed days and impact of health care acquired infections (HCAIs). Effective hand hygiene is widely recognised as the most important factor to break the chain of infection.  
Pasture’s anti viral hand wash holds 5 EN certifications including clinical standards.  It is available perfume free and dye free in a range of bottle and dispensing options, making it effective for surgical use whilst kind enough on skin for everyday use by medical practitioners, patients and visitors.
Pasture also launched a range of EN certified cleaning products.  These come in a range of closed loop packing which provides a circular economy.  The packaging can be returned, refilled and re-used by the NHS Trusts, it carries unique ID references and blockchain tracks the lifecycle use.
Simple and effective.  We can reduce HCAI’s, eliminate plastic waste to landfill whist supporting our ESG programme.
We also presented our best in class IoT technology, including leading range of clinical touch free dispensers, bins and stands.  The solution links to the cleaning and hygiene measures, our chemical solution and provides evidence based activity, reporting and feedback loops through QR codes - all direct to a dashboard or mobile device.  
Visual indicators and update screens for clinical areas and a wide number of options for training and product support.
Please get in touch to find out more.

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