Planting trees and changing lives

Mike Frost


We founded Pasture on the principle of doing the right thing with likeminded customers, which includes how we take care of people and the planet.

We invest 5% of profit in ESG and with your support have passed a milestone, planting 32,000 trees. 

It makes us burst with pride to know we can change lives, end poverty and hunger.  The work Trees for the Future are doing really spoke to us, reversing unsustainable agriculture practices and restoring land use.

The project is more than this though; it supports community, keeps families together and creates social mobility.  Farmers sell excess crop at market earning additional income to support their families.

The trees also sequester tonnes of oxygen, making us carbon neutral.

It’s a proper win-win-win scenario.

Join us and support the work of TREES.ORG 

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