Ultimate Anti Viral Hand & Travel Wash, 100ml

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Ultimate Anti Viral Hand & Travel Wash, 100ml
Ultimate Anti Viral Hand & Travel Wash, 100ml
Ultimate Anti Viral Hand & Travel Wash, 100ml
Ultimate Anti Viral Hand & Travel Wash, 100ml
Ultimate Anti Viral Hand & Travel Wash, 100ml
Ultimate Anti Viral Hand & Travel Wash, 100ml
Ultimate Anti Viral Hand & Travel Wash, 100ml

This unique product is the most effective hand wash to maintain health and wellbeing and the ultimate solution for travellers.  It's 5 x EN certified for eliminating virus and bacteria, maintain health and wellbeing.

The 100ml bottle is TSA approved and can be taken as hand luggage and if you're like us perfect for travelling light and backpacking.  

We absolutely love it and it's an travel essential - long lasting, enough for 2 people for 2 weeks.  We not only use it to wash hands, but the foaming formulation makes it perfect for washing colour-fast clothes, whilst gentle enough to be used as a face wash and make up remover.

The packaging is designed to eliminate waste to landfill - the bottles are made from recycled plastic and refillable from one of our many refill options - which themselves are refillable with our unique Freepost return service.

It doesn't matter if you are travelling for work or pleasure, the product is specially formulated and when combined with the packaging delivers a creamy foam and will ensure you have the ultimate level of protection and infection control, leaving you to enjoy the journey.

Its surgeon level formulation works in 30 seconds in the most demanding situations - backed with full certification of testing which simulates real life conditions, including 'on-skin' and 'dirty' environments.  The product has been awarded EN1276, EN14476, EN1499, EN13727, EN12791.  In addition to this it not only moisturises dry skin but is 99.9% natural and vegan friendly too.

As you would expect, something this nice has to have a lovely perfume.  We include high concentrations of natural essences of lemongrass and ginger to leave hands feeling energised and refreshed.  

Don't just take our word for it, we guarantee you will love it too.


Beautifully considered

  • 100ml travel size
  • Refill packs available in 800ml, 2.5L and 5L options
  • Plant based ingredients, not tested on animals
  • Gentle perfume in higher concentrations to compliment
  • Kind to hands, contains moisturisers
  • Independently tested and certified 

Patent pending

We wanted to describe the ground breaking technology behind our approach.  This is very different from traditional handwashes, effectively eliminating viruses and bacteria. 

Traditional soap and water removes dirt but is unable to kill pathogens in the timeframes used for hand washing. Surgical scrubs are effective against bacteria but considered too harsh on skin to encourage the frequent hand washing necessary to break the chain of infection.

Pasture Naturals Anti Viral Handwash is the first to combine the antiviral properties of naturally occuring lactic acid with targeted moisturisers, perfect for frequent use.

Testing & approval
Importantly, the product was tested in a number of ways against a number of standards to give the assurance needed.

Certified to the following test methods, incorporating both suspension and in-use test protocols:

UKAS Approved Lab Testing, effective against viruses and bacteria: 

• EN1276 
• EN14476
• EN1499
• EN13727
• EN12791