Coastal Candle

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Coastal Candle

As a British coastal brand, we want to share our everyday with you.

Take a walk on a beautiful day, with the sounds of waves and smells of the sea.

This candle balances a combination of Wood Sage and Sea Salt to make this distinctly coastal scent.

Lovingly handcrafted in Great Britain our specially crafted fragrances create a gently calming balance to any room and this large 450gm jar will fill your room with scent for up to 70 hours.  

Always use with safety in mind, place on a solid surface, and keep away from animals, children and partying adults.

We recommend trimming the wick to 4mm before lighting and an ideal flame height of 20mm to avoid soot and smoke.

We have additional toppers available in Accessories to safely extinguish the candle and ensure the room remains filled with the perfume.